Beginning Astrological Classes

Eileen's astrological classes are based in real practical human reality.  Her teaching method is not to indundate the student with all modes of astrobabble, but to help enlighten the student about his or her life, at the very core.  Every part of astrology is relatable to some part of us.  Eileen's job is to help open the student's eyes to their own potential in very real, human ways.  Her students tell her that they can actually understand this complex language, just by having it explained how it related to them.  


These first three classes will lay down the foundation of astrology.

Astro 101 - Zodiacal Signs/Qualities and Elements.  In this initial six-week class, we will learn about the astrological zodiac in real-life terms, by looking at each astrological sign from a uniquely psychological/evolutionary point of view.  We will also look at motivation and intent, which will include studying each sign's quality/modality, and accompanying element. This is the initial first phase of learning about the basics of astrology, through the eyes of human experience.   $130 for 6 weeks

Astro 102 - The Planets in the Birthchart   The next phase of the astrological experience will be to learn about what the planets represent, as well as learning to read the astrological chart itself.   $120 for 5 weeks

Astro 103 - Planets in Signs in the Birthchart.   Five-week class, which takes the planets and placing them in signs, and discussing what that means in regards to human behavior. (5 week class)   (Prerequisite - Astro 101, and 102, or equivalent experience).  $120 for 5 weeks

To see if the class you want is being offered at present, check Upcoming Events page for dates and times!  If you are interested in having Eileen conduct any of her classes in your home, please contact her at the email address below!  You will get YOUR enrollment for free!

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