Advanced Astrology II:  Chart Psychodynamics


Astro 410 - Childhood Issues in the Horoscope.  All God's creatures have a connection to our family of origin.  We would hope that we can come out unscathed by our experiences growing up.  The nature of humans, however, is their complications; those of which can plague a person all their lives.  This class is going to be invaluable for the student, since they will have a chance to examine their own childhood through the eyes of their own birthchart.  5 weeks. 

Astro 411 - Patterns of Behavior and Life Scripts in the Horoscope.   In this class we will examine behavoral patterns and themes and how they are found in the horoscope.  One of key ingredients will be the up-close examination of the 4/10th house n the astrology chart, also known as the parental axis.  This is truly an indepth class that can help the student with his or her own issues at an extraordinary level, and can open up new possibilities in their lives - especially when assisting others with their own issues.

Astro 412 - Psychopathology in the Astrological Chart.  When there has been a lot of psychological damage to a persontheir lives just go rogue. If so, personality disorders and specific dysfunctions could develop.  This class will specifically deal with potential disorders that are associated with certain signs, and how those could develop in the person.  This is a fascinating topic in astrology, and has a lot of meat to it.  We will examine charts of people that have had pathological issues in their lives, and will discover how to find them in the birthchart.  5 weeks.

 Astro 413 - Astrological charts:  Difficulties, or Ease?  Why are there people who seem to have an easy time of it, and others have such difficulties in coping with every day life?  In this class we will look at charts and determine the life path's flow - whether or not it will  be challenging, or easy.  A fascinating study, because the student will understand more of why they've had the lives they've had. 5 weeks.  

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